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“The Federation of Texas Psychiatry unites Texas’ professional psychiatric organizations. Voting member organizations – the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, the Texas Academy of Psychiatry, and the Texas Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Associate member organizations – the Texas Foundation for Psychiatric Education and Research, the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association – together represent over 50,000 physicians in Texas united in advocacy for patients and quality psychiatric care.”


In the aftermath of the devastating storms and flooding that hit our state in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, state agencies have deployed resources to the affected areas, health plans have made policy changes, millions of dollars have been raised through donations, and thousands of Texas physicians have put in extra time and effort to address the public health concerns.

The Federation of Texas Psychiatry will continue to update this page regularly to assist in providing resources to you, your practice, or others in need in securing services and disaster relief, in addition to providing coping and care services for your patients. Recently added, Texas Medical Association has financial assistance available to rebuild practices damaged by Harvey, in addition to the latest information for physicians affected by the disaster. Those links can be accessed by clicking the following link: HURRICANE DISASTER RESOURCES.  

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians
61st Annual Convention & Scientific Program
“NEW INNOVATIONS IN PSYCHIATRY” Annual Convention & Scientific Program
November 3-5, 2017  • Hyatt Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, Texas

Hotel Reservations:  Click on the following link https://aws.passkey.com/go/TSPP2017 to place your hotel reservation or telephone 800-233-1234.  If you have any problems placing your hotel reservation, please contact the TSPP office at tsppofc@aol.com for further assistance.
Booking a room within the TSPP room block is an important way to support TSPP and helps to keep the overall meeting registration fee and costs as low as possible. Booking “outside of the TSPP block” or at another hotel could expose TSPP to monetary damages for hotel room block attrition.  Plus, staying in the hotel keeps you connected with all the activities and networking opportunities during the event. Please “help us help you” by booking your room at the hotel hosting the meeting and within the TSPP room block.

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“I am a member of TSCAP because…we need a strong organization to advocate for all aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry.

What I benefit / value / enjoy most from membership and/or participation in TSCAP’s meetings / activities…informative and relaxing Summer meeting, able to interact with colleagues from around Texas.

The major strength(s) of TSCAP is…a voice in Austin when major issues affecting child mental health come up.” Steven Pliszka, MD

“I am a member because I believe we should organize and act collectively for the benefit of our patients and profession.” James Kreisle, MD

“What I enjoy most from TSPP is fellowship with colleagues who come together from throughout the State of Texas, from a wide range of professional practice backgrounds, to share ideas and learn in community from one another.” Melissa S. Deuter, MD

“What I value most from TSPP is service on committees that foster high quality patient care, service to community and service to the profession.” Terry McMahon, MD

“The major strengths of TSPP are continued good quality programs, strong staff and physician leadership, and strong voice and influence with State government and the APA.” Mitch Jones, MD

“The major strength of TSPP is that it represents the highest in the ideals of being physicians and promoting care of our patients.” Daniel Pearson, III, MD

“I am a member because I want to maintain ties to fellow psychiatrists, get CME and contribute to the legislative process to support the profession.” Susan Thompson, MD

“The major strengths of TSPP are persistence and commitment to missions, legislative advocacy, and professional education.” Joseph Burkett, MD

“I am a member because it’s an inherent part of being a professional.” Mark Jacobs, MD

“The major strengths of TSPP are its focus on legislative issues central to psychiatry and very well organized meetings.” Tim Wolff, MD

“I am a member for multiple reasons: fellowship with colleagues, input on State laws, and practice standards that result in better care for our patients.” Marie Kelly, MD

“I am a member because of TSPP’s advocacy for psychiatry, education, and fellowship with colleagues. I believe membership is essential for our profession.” Catherine Roberts, MD

I am a member because of pride in my profession and loyalty to my profession.” Ray Faber, MD


Your input is requested to help in the planning of future CME programs. Click here for the TSPP CME Activity Development Worksheet, complete the form providing TSPP with your suggestions for educational topics to enhance your practice and submit the completed form by email to TSPPofc@aol.com.



The following TSPP members have been recognized as 50 Year Members as of January 1, 2017, as follows:

Herbert Dorfan, MD
Franklin Gittess, MD
Edwin Johnstone, MD
Leonard Lawrence, MD
Dan Myers, MD
Richard Pesikoff, MD
Martin Posner, MD
Bernard Rousch, MD
Pedro Ruiz, MD
Gerald Schneider, MD
John Schoonmaker, MD
Larry Tripp, MD


The following TSPP members have been recognized with Life status as of January 1, 2017, as follows:

James Baker, MD
Efrain Bleiberg, MD
Jaye Crowder, MD
Lawrence Hauser, MD
Jose Igoa, MD
Houston Putman, MD
J. Clay Sawyer, MD
Alana Spiwak, MD

Robert Harden, MD
Alan Koenigsberg, MD
Luisa Lohner, MD
Martha Medrano, MD
Ray Scardina, MD

Bryon Adinoff, MD
Howard Boland, MD
Nancy Donachie, MD
Mary Flatley, MD
Glen McFerren, MD
Darlene McLaughlin, MD
Larry Nahmias, MD
Steven Pliszka, MD
Colin Ross, MD
Jerri Sethna, MD
William Skiba, MD
Joe Treadaway, MD
Vernon Walling, MD


The following TSPP members have been recognized with Fellow status as of January 1, 2017, as follows:

Garima Arora, MD, MD
Joanne Byars, MD
Holly Crisp-Han, MD
Dustin DeMoss, DO, MS
Daniel Diaz, MD, MS
Erica Garcia-Pittman, MD
James Haliburton, MD
Alison Jones, MD
Ramaswamy Lakshmanan, MD
Chad Lemaire,MD
Sejal Mehta, MD
Zahur Mohiuddin, MD
Michael Musgrove, MD
Emeke Benedict Nwabuzor, MD
Olaoluwa Okusaga, MD, MscPHR
Jane Ripperger-Suhler, MD
Michael Salib, MD
Laura Slaughter, MD
Silvina Tonarelli, MD
Amy Walton, MD