Space is not officially reserved without this completed and signed contract. Payment AND Contract must be received no later than 10 days prior to posting date.


Advertiser (Company Name): __________________

Contact: ___________________________

Title: ______________________________

Address: _______________________________

City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________

Phone: _______________ Fax: ________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________

Agency: ___________________________________

Please accept the advertising contract for space on the Federation’s

Job Bank web page according to the following specifications:

Period: □ 30 days (1 period)
□ 60 days (2 periods)
□ 90 days (3 periods)

Space:  □ Maximum 75 words @ $125.00 per 30 day period
□ Maximum 150 words @$250.00 per 30 day period
□ Add $50 to above rate for e-mail/web page link

$______________ (Space)
plus (+)     $______________ OPTIONAL ($50 for active link)
times (x)         _________ (Number of 30 Day Periods)

TOTAL RATE   $______________

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AMOUNT OF PAYMENT: $_______________

❒ Check payable to “Federation of Texas Psychiatry”

❒ Visa ❒ Mastercard

Credit Card No.: ____________________________

Exp. Date ___________________

3 Digit Security Code on Right of Signature Panel ____________

Name of Cardholder: _________________________

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Credit Card Billing Address ______________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________

401 West 15th Street, Suite #675, Austin, Texas 78701
512/478-0605, FAX 512/478-5223





Advertising space is available and publication is determined on a case by case basis by the Federation. The Federation reserves the sole right to accept or reject any submitted advertising copy.



All advertising space must be paid for in advance of posting.

• No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on the space order, billing instructions or copy instructions which conflict with the publisher’s stated policy will be binding on the publisher.
• The Federation of Texas Psychiatry reserves the right to reject any advertising. Upon approval by the Federation, all approved advertising is accepted and published upon authorization from the advertiser to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. The advertiser agrees to hold the Federation of Texas Psychiatry harmless from all claims, damages and expenses rising out of any advertising accepted.



For more information about reserving your advertising space, contact:

Federation of Texas Psychiatry
401 West 15th Street, Suite 675
Austin, Texas 78701
Ph: (512) 478-0605
Fax: (512) 478-5223
E-Mail: TxPsychiatry@txpsych.org